Relax your feet with “Zach”

Dads are always on their feet, juggling between being a provider and making sure that quality time is spent with the family. How dads manage through their day exhausts one of the most hard working part of the body—his feet. Wearing comfortable footwear is essential in making everyday tasks easier. Being in comfortable footwear enables you to do more of what is important, and what you enjoy the most.

However, we easily neglect the importance of wearing proper footwear all the time. Poorly designed footwear can harm far more than your feet. They can cause pain throughout your body such as back pain and joint problems. You can avoid these, by picking the right footwear. The quality, style and fit must be all considered.


The quality used for your footwear should not irritate your skin. It should make your feet comfortable. More importantly, good quality footwear doesn’t easily get worn out. In considering the style, you must look at how the arch support is shaped and how deep the heel cup is—in order to support you properly and have proper stability as you move. And lastly you must highly consider the fit. Just like a car, you need to “test drive” the shoe by walking in them to see how they feel while moving.


Just in time for Father’s day, Banana Peel introduces its new collection ‘Zach Ebony’ collection. These flip flops are layered with high-density EVA insoles and rubber outsoles to create a foot-bed that’s firm on the ground but comforting for hardworking feet. This is perfect for fathers who put a premium in good footwear. Zach goes beyond the usual man flip flops as it offer more benefits like:

  • Arch support
  • Easy on-and-off means it’s convenient to wear at any point
  • Even more breathability than slippers


Affordable, fashionable, and functional ‘Zach’ is the perfect flip flop gift you can give your father this Father’s day. After all, don’t they just want comfy footwear after a long and productive day, just like everybody else?

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