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Have you ever watched those famous cable programs that shows like Britain’s Got Talent like the Clairvoyants Amelie and Thommy who does mind reading tricks? Guess what, it’s not just magic, it’s already a science.

The Pilipinas MindGuru is the first and only specialty center here in the Philippines that is specializing in facilitating on sensory enhancement workshops. It has been operating for quite a few years now and has found their new office conveniently located at the 3rd Floor of the AA Building in Scout Borromeo Street, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City.

At first, i was kinda sceptic about it thinking it was pure magic but only to find out that there is a real science behind it and it has been a formal study and school not only in the Philippines, but in the different parts of the world already. Invited were more than 30 moms and guests who attended the morning session as the MindGuru facilitators discussed how the Sensory Enhancement Program came about and their other forthcoming activities. Ms. Ma. Elena Nanong, Executive Director of Pilipinas MindGuru amiably welcomed the guests and briefed them about Pilipinas MindGuru programs and summer offerings.


So what’s instore for your kids who you want to enrol in their programs?

Pilipinas MindGuru top programs are divided into 2, the SEP or Sensory Enhancement Program, and the REP or Retention Enhancement Program. Both of these programs foster and enhance further the mind’s natural ability to process and recall information. Clients who have gone thru the REP workshop demonstrate better performance at school and increase recall of the lessons they learned in the classroom. It is also beneficial for adults who want to be calmer, focused and be more competitive for their upcoming board exams. as the workshops enhances the ability to better store information, recall and retrieve it when needed.

Those who had undergone the SEP, on the other hand, have a better perception of their surroundings as their senses are remarkably enhanced. Clients, while blindfolded, can identify colors, alphabets and numbers.

We were up for a treat to sample the workshop sessions and we were given a live demonstration on how the workshops are conducted. There were two young girls in their pre-teens who volunteered and have shown to us their abilities in Sensory Enhancement. To tell you the truth, i was so amazed, puzzled and shocked on the results of what had just happened. Watch the video below to see what i have experienced :

This was so mind-blowing especially when the details of my driver’s license was read out loud. It was like her eyes were on top of the card and has clearly seen everything!

There was also a simple socialization session with the facilitators of Pilipinas MindGuru where they were able to answer the questions regarding the unique and interesting programs and other services offered by Pilipinas MindGuru.

Since the program runs a full day and it is taxing to the mind and body. So the listening room allows the participants to relax both mind and body letting them to sleep to a full hour.

It was indeed an interesting interaction, as the mothers and guests look forward to enrolling their children to the different program offerings of Pilipinas MindGuru.

To know more about Pilipinas MindGuru feel free to check out their newly launched Website at:

So how do you get to the Pilipinas MindGuru? I have embedded a map that you can click and will direct you to google maps.

If there’s anything else you need to know, just comment below or you can send me an email to for more details.


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