MINISO Japan’s lifestyle brand opens 1st store in the Philippines

Last Friday, June 17, 2016, MINISO, Japan’s leading lifestyle brand opens its 1st store in the Philippines. Founded in 2013 by Junya Miyake, MINISO Industry Co., Ltd. in Japan began to engage in design and supervision of MINISO products in China.


Miniso Japan store opens in the Philippines
Miniso Japan store opens in the Philippines

Opening the 1st store in the Philippines and the biggest branch so far, the fashion, lifestyle and electronics store at the Robinson’s Manila has a big space of 400 sq.m. being the biggest store opened in history. The store is located at the 2nd floor Padre Faura wing. MINISO in Japan has bloomed to a few hundred stores.

What can you find inside MINISO?


For the ladies, there are cosmetics. MINISO has its own line of cosmetic brand.


A wide array of perfume


Fashion jewelry


Various beauty accessories and products



Hats, bags, pillows, swimming gear, slippers, cotton buds, eyelash curlers, colored markers, towels, pot holders, baby needs, stuffed toys, wrist watches

They also offer their own line of electronic products.

Powerbanks, dual usb chargers, selfie sticks with remote, headsets, bluetooth speakers and keyboards, LED lights and a lot more

“One thing MINISO boasts of is they are an OEM manufacturer which guarantees quality, safety standards and complies to health regulations as well. One thing you can also notice is its affordability, value for money”, says Andrew, MINISO Area Manager.


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