Kaspersky Lab unveils New Security Products for Multi-Platform users

The flagship consumer products Kaspersky Internet Security for hardcore Internet users and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for occasional Internet users now both come in beefed up 2015 versions.

Kaspersky Lab is also launching today its newest product, the Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device 2015, which will be currently available in the Philippines in the entire Southeast Asian Region.

All these solutions were developed to protect users of Windows, OS X and Andoid devices from existing and new threats – making their online lives easier and safer.

“The technologies integrated into Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device have proved their effectiveness not only in independent tests but in practice, protecting 300 million people areound the world every day,” says Nikita Shvetsov, acting CTO at Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Internet Security Mutli-Device 2015, Kaspersky Lab’s first ever multi-platform solution, will be essential in a country like the Philippines, which has become one of the biggest and fastest growing markets for Android smartphones in Southeast Asia.

Singapore-based firm GfK said the Philippines scored a staggering 326-percent increase in smartphone sales in 2012. It added that last year, the Philippines posted the highest Android penetration rate among six nations in the region, making up 91 percent of the total smartphone sales locally.

So what’s new with the Kaspersky Lab muti-device license?

Key Innovations
Securing one’s data using online financial transactions whether you are using an online credit card payment facility, or banking transactions, using free wifi in coffee shops, it is pertinent to secure and safeguard the privacy of your personal details. The latest versions of Kaspersky Lab’s consumer software incorporates several entirely new technologies that improve the level of protection against encryption and malware, prevent webcam surveillance of the user, and shields against the risk of working on vulnerable wi-fi networks.

Webcam Protection
Webcam hacking, or intercepting images from the webcam, is one way of using malware for online espionage. Many users pay no attention to what might be recorded on their webcams – even though the camera could capture images of documents containing bank details, credit cards, or simply personal activities that people prefer not to expose to strangers.

System Watcher
Cryptomalware or malware that encrypts files and demands a ransom before restoring access to information happens recently. It is like hijacking your information and a payment is required for you to retrieve it. Kaspersky Lab’s System Watcher module analyzes all processes running on the OS and now features new data backup functionality. Once the system suspects of such, it creates a logical backup copy of that file, free from any external changes. Thus, a system restore or rollback can be done to thefile in case it gets lost.

Wi-Fi Security notification
This module verifies the security of Wi-Fi hotspots and alerts the user to any potential threats, such as a vulnerable network connection or the transmission of an unsecured password via the internet. Users also receive tips and recommendations on how to securely configure their own home Wi-Fi Network. In addition to these new key features, the 2015 version also includes a number of extra enhancements :

-Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) and Kaspersky Anti-Virus now include automatic updates & upgrades when newer versions become available.
-Improvements were introduced into the Safe Money module to protect online financial transactions at every stage. Safe Money also blocks third-party applications from accessing the web-browser clipboard, which may temporarily contain confidential data (such as copied login credentials).
-For users of paid Wi-Fi networks, 3G or LTE connections, the solution now includes the Cost-Aware Networking feature that reduces the amount of data communicated by the product via net.
Anti-phishing module helps the user avoid unwanted and malicious webpages. This leads to faster and more accurate detections of fake websites designed to steal money and sensitive user information.
-The main menu interface has been unified across all products so users can easily navigate applications regardless of the OS or product version.

Renewd Solutions

Kaspersky Anti-Virus
KAV includes also the automatic exploit protection system, which prevents malware from exploiting security gaps in legitimate applications and software used by people.

Kaspersky Internet Security
KIS provides premium PC protection to protect customers from all types of Internet threats. In addition to anti-virus and anti-phishing protection, it includes a range of other tools and technologies to help protect privacy, personal data and online payments. KIS also enables parents to monitor their children’s activity on the web with the help of the Parental Control module.

Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-device
KIS Multi-device is a multi-platform integrated security solutions that allows you to have 5 devices using a single license. It runs on various platforms and devices such as Microsoft Windows with KIS, Apple OS X with KIS for Mac. Google Android with KIS for Android, Windows Phone and IOS with Safe Browser for Windows Phone and Safe Browser for IOS. Safe Browser filters out phishing sites and pages with undesirable content. Both versions of Safe Browser are free and available from Apple Store and Windows Phone accordingly.

Pricing and Availability
The Kaspersky Internet Security Mutliple Device, which provides protection for up to five (5) devices, is offered with a special introductory price of P1,980 only.

The single user (1) of Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 retail price is at P990 with the single user Kaspersky Anti-Virus is sold for only P760.

A special promotion is currently ongoing where specially marked KIS and KAV 2015 boxes come with extra license/s for free valid for 1 year.


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