Blockchain applications and Economics Forum 2018 in Manila

Blockchain applications and Economics Forum 2018 in Manila

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is the leading trend in investing money and has gained the highest traction for people and businesses all around the world. This has changed the way we looking at doing businesses and how this can change our lives.

Blockchain is a new form of technology, although one that has the potential to change the way people do business. Being a relatively new concept, blockchain remains an arcane concept to many local businessmen and company executives, particularly those that are not too tech-savvy.

As such, many questions are floated around business circles. How can blockchain help improve the way we do business? Will the blockchain technology prove to be a boon for Philippine commerce? And is the Philippines ready for it?

Join us as global experts share their insights and discuss the benefits of blockchain technology during the Blockchain Applications and Economics Forum 2018 on May 28 to 30, at the SMX Convention Center Aura. Registration will start at 8:30 a.m.

“Blockchain allows people and institutions to operate on a massive scale without an intermediary. The breadth of applications is as wide as society itself, because it provides a technology alternative to century-old institutions like banks, governments, registration agencies, credit bureaus, notary services, title services, public institutions– anything where a community needs to form a consensus on ‘What is Truth?’” – Carlos Korten, Founder and CEO of Pasig & Hudson

The Blockchain Applications & Economic Forum 2018 is centered on connecting corporations to blockchain technology and is expected to be attended by 400+ blockchain and non-blockchain practitioners from Southeast Asia. The goal is to educate executives from major corporations, as well as SMEs in the Philippines, on blockchain technology and have them decide if the technology is suitable to their organization.

Come to the Forum on May 28 to 30, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center – Aura, 8 McKinley Parkway, Manila.
“[Blockchain]…allows trust in a trustless society – it solves a problem that affects EVERYONE on the planet.” – Mark Arthur Vernon, Chairman of the FINTECH Philippines Association, and Owner and Founder of TAGCASH LTD. INC.

The forum consists of the following elements:

28 May 2018 – BOOTCAMPS
A: Ethereum & Smart Contract Development Workshop

B: Media Bootcamp: Helping the Media Understand Blockchain

An exclusive by-invitation only dinner for CEOs from the top corporations to ask more about blockchain in a comfortable, informal settings.

This will feature new ICO launches and blockchain solutions and will be attended by investors, blockchain developers, and blockchain enthusiasts.

This forum will focus on applications of blockchain and will be attended by business leaders and management not necessarily already involved in blockchain.

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