BlackBerry Passport review

BlackBerry Passport review

As posted on my previous article of the BlackBerry Passport first impression, this device really leaves an impression compared to the rest of its predecessors.

First, you can boast the quality of the images from its back camera which is a 13 megapixel. I have been taking shots and posting it on fb and twitter with the hashtag #blackberrypassportphtest and you’ll see the bright images this phone can take, with or without or minimal lighting, it will impress you.

Second, since its battery is shielded, you won’t be able to see the other parts aside from the top latch where you only have access to the nano slim slot and sd card expansion slot.

Before i forget, i tested it on wifi and the battery lasted more than a day. I only got my LTE nano sim powered by Globe last night and i will take the LTE test when i go around the city tomorrow.

The built-in cpu ram is 3gb. I wonder if it has a dedicated gpu for the video and graphics. The sensitivity on the screen is very fluid. Just a light touch and you’ll be able to navigate through the screen. This model doesn’t have the navi key at the center anymore.

Talking about internal memory, this phone has a built-in 32gb and expandable 128gb slot. Makes me think like it is positioned to the level of LG G3 and iPhone 6 plus!

About its handling, the Passport is wide and might be tough to handle single handedly by a lady or someone with small hands.

Since it has a keyboard, definitely you will need to use both hands most of the times to prevent it from slipping from your hands. One thing more is the weight of the phone is something that tells you its because of its compactness.

I left the BlackBerry Passport last weekend at home and called it and was surprised. It has an audio boost about 75% more than usual phones i call. It has a crispy clear rounded quality and a noise-cancelling that you don’t hear anything else but voice.

This weekend, i will be testing the battery performance while i take it LTE with Globe Tattoo coverage.

Wait for more exciting details about my #blackberrypassportphtest

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